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IBC Tote Mixer by EvenMix®

Short Description

EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer (No Motor) – M-6-32-0-16-04-2-1 (*Now with our shaft capture block to retain and hold the shaft when not mounted to a motor) The EvenMix® Folding Blade that when coupled with the A-125-V-H-438, EvenMix® Air Drive, or E-100-V-H-438, EvenMix® Electric Drive, it mixes your liquids quickly, completely, and without introducing air. Use several M-6-32-0-16-04-2-1’s for each of your liquids and a single drive to move from tote to tote.
  • Lightweight – 9 pounds with Air Drive 12 with Electric Drive
  • Superior Mixing – Mixes vertically and horizontally
  • Powerful – Tested up to 50,000 cps
  • Non-Reactive – Made of 316 Stainless Steel
  • 6″ Cap Included (Contact us for 9″ Caps or others)
  • M-6-32-0-16-04-2-1 Spec Sheet

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The EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer is lightweight, effective, and reliable.  It’s the same design as our regular IBC mixer; however this mixing blade isn’t attached to the EvenMix® Air or Electric Drive.  Rather it can be attached and removed.  The mixing blade is attached to the lid and is an independent unit from the Drive. We built the flexibility in with you in mind.

As they’re re-useable, an intermediate bulk container (IBC, for those in-the-know) can see many liquids that need proper mixing in only a brief period of time. While other businesses within the mixing and mixing blade products industry may claim that their blades can mix paints, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more the most efficiently, the newest item in our family of products will blow other tote mixers out of the water an IBC.

Quality and handling are first and foremost the top priorities our management team has when developing new mixing blades and other mixing products. So, of course we put forth those thoughts and efforts when creating our IBC tote mixer. Along with a superior mixing capability, our tote mixer for IBCs and large plastic totes has patented technology similar companies cannot offer in their products.

With the EvenMix® mixed flow blade utilized as a part of the tote mixer’s design, you’ll see liquids undergo vertical mixing like they never have before. Because of the patented technology we use for the IBC tote mixer, the contents of the intermediate bulk container will be evenly mixed. Why is that? Our mixed flow blade that has been designed for mixing everything from food to chemicals and it reflects NASA based engineering for optimum performance while mixing.  Yes, it is rocket science!

While the EvenMix® IBC tote mixer won’t spin fast enough to propel you into outer space, it does have a 220-RPM at 60 PSI. The other heavy-duty powers this mixing blade has include a 6/10 HP air motor and it is completely flexible. For the operator of this IBC tote mixer, the motor can be moved easily from tote to tote or the operator can use several EvenMix® tote mixers with a single motor. Our management team had everyone’s mixing needs in mind when designing this advanced tool.

What’s more, our IBC tote mixer not only has easy handling for the operator, but it features easy installation for those rookie operators. The whole tote mixer unit weighs only nine pounds, and can be installed in an intermediate bulk container within seconds. All that is required of the operator is to simply insert the blade and screw in the attached lid of the IBC. Plus, our IBC tote mixer is easily inserted in a six-inch opening of an intermediate bulk container — so even the smallest of openings can use our newest mixing product. Unlike other companies in the mixing industry, there is no extra hardware required with the EvenMix® tote mixer.

If reliable performance is something that you’re searching for, look no further.  We have tested the EvenMix® IBC Mixer up to 50,000 cps. It’s mixed Corn Gluten that had settled for about a year, that’s right a sludge the consistency of mustard was mixed throughout a large IBC in about 3 minutes. Bring it on, we can mix it!

As this is the industry’s only mixed flow blade, whatever liquids require vertical mixing, you’ll have a blade that can fold into open and closed positions for optimum levels of mixing. We proudly manufacture all of our mixing pieces — including the mixed flow blade and the air motor — in the United States. Not only will the EvenMix® tote mixer blow competitors’ comparable tools out of the water, you’ll want to “tote” this mixing blade with you everywhere.

Watch a demonstration of the EvenMix® IBC Mixer at work on our YouTube channel.

We offer EvenMix® blades for IBC’s, 55 gallon drums, and larger vessels.  Whatever your mixing need – we’ve got you covered.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16.0 × 32.0 × 16.0 in


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