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EvenMix® has quietly been engineering some of the finest IBC Tote Mixer and Tank mixers on the market today. We saw a lack of innovation in other mixers and a need in this very specific market. We wanted to change that by providing clients with a new and improved mixer that functions better, is lightweight, and is easier to use. Meanwhile, it still has the power to mix almost anything. 

Mixers are not complicated machines, but no one had taken the time to sit down and truly design something that just worked. We worked hard on the design and considered every detail. It was built to last with high-quality metal gears and bearings. Furthermore, we wanted a mixer that could stay at a consistent speed, whether that speed is low or high.

The Difference is the Speed

When you mix at a low speed, you gently agitate your liquid and keep it suspended. This is an excellent method for keeping things moving and ready to go. This prevents settling and is ideal in many situations.

If, on the other hand, you’re dealing with a separated liquid that will require a lot of mixing, you’ll probably want to use a higher speed for the initial mix. Although higher speeds will mix more effectively and quickly, keep in mind that shearing and the formation of an air vortex will occur during the mixing process.

Shearing is similar to what blender blades do when moving quickly and cutting up material. A high-speed mix will shear or cut material, even down to a cellular level. This may change the chemical composition of what is being mixed. Furthermore, shearing can cause the molecules to rub together, causing friction and heat.  

Another factor to consider is the air vortex created when mixing at high speeds. This cyclone will aid in mixing your product, but it will also suck down a lot of unwanted air and air bubbles. Furthermore, it can cause the mixture to draw in dust and other particles from the surrounding air.

So, when deciding whether to mix at high or low speeds, keep in mind how aggressively you need to mix. It is important to keep in mind the shearing that can occur at higher speeds, as well as the vortex that could pull in the surrounding air and add air bubbles.

EvenMix® - Low and High Speed

EvenMix® Patented Blade Technology

Have you been dissatisfied with your mixer and believe there must be a better option on the market? EvenMix® founders were, so we set out to create the industry standard. We worked hard to create a mixer that will provide our customers with the perfect even mix they have been looking for every time. The quality of your product is dependent on how well it is mixed, which is why you should never settle for anything less than an EvenMix®.

The majority use a small boat-like propeller blade that is fixed. Other mixer blades have a fixed pitch blade that creates a vertical lift and vortex to draw air into the liquid.

Here at EvenMix®, our blades are different. We have created a mixer that mixes evenly at any speed. We understand how frustrating it can be to have a tank mixer that cannot mix evenly and properly. That’s why we set out to design something different. 

Our blades rotate counter-clockwise, allowing them to sweep the bottom of the container while mixing, moving liquid up the sides and back down the center. This convection action produces superior even mixing for most materials.

Our mixers have a maximum speed of about 150 RPMs, which is sufficient for most applications. This minimizes sucking air into the mix, shearing your liquid, or generating a vortex. Most commercial mixers only combine vertically, shear the molecules of the product, mix at much faster rates, and frequently inject air into the liquid.

Because of their unique properties and full 3-D mixing, we have patented our blades.

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EvenMix® is the ideal IBC tote mixer for industrial mixing applications. It has a robust and durable design, adjustable speed settings, easy setup and user-friendly interface, low-maintenance components, and high-performance capabilities. Moreover, it comes with a variety of product accessories that can be used to meet individual needs. This makes it perfect for blending various types of products. With its cleanroom-ready design and long-lasting durability, EvenMix® is the best tote mixer on the market. Invest in an EvenMix® today to get superior mixing results with less effort!

If you are interested in learning how EvenMix® can improve your mixing capabilities call us at 440-236-6677 today to get started. We would be happy to discuss our IBC tote mixer, drum mixer, tank mixer, and more.

EvenMix® - Low and High Speed