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Geared Motors vs. Direct

Here at EvenMix®, we make decisions based off of sound reasoning and diligent research. Everything we do has a purpose, and we make sure that efficiency and quality are at their highest levels in our products. That’s why so many people are beginning to rely on the innovations that EvenMix® has to offer such a a geared motor instead of a direct drive.

RPM is a big statistic in the mixing industry, but it’s not of much use when you look at the bottom line. The only thing anyone who is buying a mixer should ask themselves is: Does it mix well? Statistics like RPM and HP are used to make products seem more glamorous than they actually are. Big numbers attract buyers, but we’re not looking to deceive you into liking our product. We want you to really see that our offerings beat the competition.

We can afford to mix at low RPM because of our geared drive. This allows us to gear down the RPM to 200-300. With a direct motor, the speed is typically locked somewhere around 2000 RPM. Thanks to our ability to mix efficiently at substantially lower speeds, a geared drive is the perfect fit for our product. Why are we able to do this? It’s because we have less drag. In fact, we have about 1/3 the drag coefficient of the leading mixer. And since the power to overcome drag is proportional to the square of the speed, we simply don’t need all of that speed because we don’t have much drag to overcome.

You Deserve EvenMix®

Now, we know that the customer’s needs are what are important, and you’re probably thinking: why does this matter to me? Well, it’s because we can save the money that our competitors spend on power, and put it into the quality of our blades and the research that pushes our innovation. Such innovation that has led to a motor that can be used for multiple blades because of how light and easily transferable it is. What other air motor is only 7 pounds!? Don’t waste your time and money with a motor that takes two people to move and mixes substantially slower. You deserve better. You deserve EvenMix®.

Email us at info@evenmix.com to get a quote for your next mixer. Also, be sure to check out or sister company, American Assembly Tools, who manufactures the air motor for our blades. We look forward to doing business with you!