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Liquids Mixed in Drums

Many materials are shipped in drums from polymers and paints to chemicals, adhesives, food, etc. Most drums are made of steel and are round. This allows for equal pressure on all sides and is easy to ship and move around. 55-gallon drums are some of the most common. The materials that are within these drums tend to settle over time and will need to be mixed. When these drums are transported, they need to be well sealed, especially if the contents are liquid. These liquid contents require a hefty seal to ensure there isn’t a gigantic mess. 


Tighthead Drums

Tighthead drums are used to transport liquid materials such as perfumes, drinks, or lower viscosity materials similar to water. Typically the lids are not removable, but there are fixtures at the top for access to the contents inside. And, when UN rated, they are used for hazardous materials as well. When working with a tight head drum, is it very hard to get a mixer inside that will do proper mixing as the access hole is much smaller than having an open head drum. When contents inside need to be mixed, you need to find a mixer that will not sheer the product, provides a constant mixing action and doesn’t introduce air as well. This is why we have invented the EvenMix® Drum Mixer.  

Some solids or thicker materials will come in a drum that the entire lid is removable. This is called an open head drum. Typically the lid is held on by a lever or some sort of buckle. Materials with a higher viscosity such as oil, lubricants, glues, and syrups will come in an open head drum.  

Foldable Blades

Foldable Blades for Liquids Mixed in Drums
Foldable Blades for Liquids Mixed in Drums

The lid on a tight head drum makes it very hard to find a mixer that is effective in mixing the contents inside, or mixing in drums. However, our patented mixer is built for the job. It has foldable 15″ blades that will get from edge to edge. And, it can fit through the small 2” opening without any issues. We also offer brackets that will hold our mixer to the open head drums to provide even mixing for those materials, as well. All of this can quickly be done with a mixer that is easy to move from one drum to the next. Our mixers allow this to be done with a weight that is far below what the OSHA standards are for this type of mixer.  

EvenMix® Drum Mixer

When looking for a mixer for your drums, be sure that you are looking at nothing but the best. The EvenMix® Drum Mixer was designed with drum mixing in mind. The patented gearbox and foldable blades make it perfect for mixing just about any substance. If you are looking for a great mixer for tackling liquids mixed in drums, that does a fantastic job and is easily moved from one container to the next, then you have come to the right place. Our mixer was designed with barrel mixing in mind. It is made to get the material evenly mixed within the barrel without shearing the material or introducing air and whipping it up. It generates a flow of material in every direction from vertical, to axial and horizontal. This allows it to really get everything mixed well and evenly.