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Water treatment departments across the globe have been increasingly using the power of EvenMix® for mixing polymers in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for a wide array of applications. It has emerged as the go-to choice primarily due to its distinctive mixing blade setup and low weight, making it easy to use, even in a one-man operation.

Utilization of EvenMix® in the City of Titusville, FL

During a recent visit to the bustling city of Titusville, Florida, we had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand how EvenMix® was transforming water treatment operations. Ed Birmingham, an esteemed representative from the city of Titusville, shared his insights about their experiences with the use of EvenMix®.


Birmingham said that their decision to choose EvenMix® was largely influenced by its light weight. This was their primary consideration during the selection process, and they were pleasantly surprised to discover that despite being incredibly light, the mixer demonstrated an impressive capacity to mix their polymer. This factor made choosing EvenMix® an easy decision for them.


Further elaborating on the operational advantages, Birmingham highlighted how its remarkable weight – or lack thereof – greatly improved operational efficiency. Unlike other mixers that often require two individuals to stabilize the shaft and place it inside the tote, EvenMix® can be handled effortlessly by a single person. This ease of use has greatly simplified their entire process.

Mixing Polymers Made Easy With EvenMix®

The Remarkable Design of EvenMix®

Diving into the design specifics of the EvenMix® system, two standout aspects differentiate it from its competitors: its innovative mixing blade configuration and incredibly low weight.

The unique blade configuration of the EvenMix® system is a crucial part of its design. It plays a vital role in ensuring a consistent, thorough mix of polymers in IBCs across a wide range of applications. This innovative design provides optimal mixing capability, thereby improving the efficiency of operations.

However, the true game-changer is its remarkably minimal weight. Despite its potent mixing capabilities, EvenMix® manages to maintain a low weight, which is the reason for its growing popularity in the industry. This lightweight feature of EvenMix® translates into easy maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for operations that can be managed singlehandedly.

These two features collectively contribute to the EvenMix® system’s superior performance, making it a versatile and efficient solution in one-man operations.

Mixing Polymers Made Easy With EvenMix®

EvenMix® Advantages

The EvenMix® system brings several advantages that truly set it apart in the industry. Here are three key benefits:

Unparalleled Lightweight Design

At the core of EvenMix®’s design philosophy is its remarkably lightweight construction. This key feature allows easy handling and maneuverability, making it an incredibly user-friendly option. The lightweight design also means that a single operator can manage the system effectively, significantly reducing manpower requirements and overall operational complexity.

Superior Mixing Capabilities

In addition to being lightweight, EvenMix® boasts superior mixing capabilities, mainly due to its unique blade configuration. The advanced design of the blades ensures a thorough, consistent mix of polymers in any scenario across a wide range of applications. This goes a long way in optimizing the efficiency of operations and ensuring high-quality output.

Powerful Performance

Despite its light weight, EvenMix® does not compromise on power. It’s equipped with a high-speed motor operating at a staggering range of up to 20,000 RPM. This potent motor enables the system to deliver powerful, effective mixing, thereby further improving its value proposition.

By combining a lightweight design with superior mixing and powerful performance, EvenMix® is an exceptionally advantageous solution in the water treatment industry.

Take Your Mixing Operations to the Next Level with EvenMix®

EvenMix® is a lightweight yet powerful IBC tote mixer suitable for industrial mixing applications. Its unique blade configuration enables thorough mixing, and its user-friendly design allows effortless handling by a single operator, as proven in the city of Titusville, FL.

By choosing EvenMix®, you are not just purchasing a mixer; you are investing in a solution that will fundamentally improve your operations.

If you want to explore how EvenMix® can elevate your mixing capabilities, call us at 440-236-6677 today to get started. We would be pleased to discuss our IBC tote mixer, drum mixer, tank mixer, and more with you.