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Lately, it seems like we’ve only been talking about drum mixers and their accessories. While mixing is our business, don’t think we’ve forgotten about an equally important piece of equipment: the pail mixer. This isn’t something children would play with on the beach (with a mixing blade being present and all), but it is a specific piece of mixing equipment that the EvenMix® team has yet again been able to develop into an advanced tool to better your mixing needs.

The type of pail meant for building sandcastles is nowhere near the size of the pails that use EvenMix®’s Pail Mixer. Don’t be too disappointed; these mixers can handle whatever material you throw into them.

Materials come in a variety of viscosities. Whether the material you’re placing into a pail is considered a light material or a heavy material, you won’t have to switch between pails anymore. Our mixing blades for pails can mix compounds, slurries, and aggregates quickly. With less time spent mixing, you won’t have to worry about the process and can spend more time delivering those compounds, slurries, and aggregates. Plus, the quicker mixing time means you don’t have to move your material around any longer while in the pail. This is because of the developments our team has been working on.

At EvenMix®, while we feel if something isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed, we also feel that even the most regular and routine processes can be improved upon. Which is why we created our patent-pending mix flow technology. The mix flow blade is the blade to use for both five-gallon and 10-gallon pails. The mix flow blade has a variable pitch blade at a 30-degree angle. Because of being designed at such an angle, our mix flow blade can pump light and heavy materials both vertically and horizontally while in the pail.

Unique The EvenMix® Pail Mixer Blade

Other pail mixers have been designed to mix either light or heavy materials, not necessarily both. The EvenMix® pail mixer blade has been designed to stop the need to switch from one mixing blade to another. Plus, it has been engineered to withstand 800 inch pounds of force upon it, making it a sturdy blade that is suited for home and construction projects. What more could you ask for in a mixing blade?

Contact us today for more information on any of our mixing equipment or to purchase our pail mixer blade.

If this post isn’t enough to convince you to try our blade in your pail mixer, you can even check out head-to-head comparison with other mixing blades currently on the market on our YouTube channel.