Even Mix™ Drum Mixer – 1 HP Electric Geared Drive


E-B-28-0-15-02-3-1 – Even Mix™ Drum Mixer – 1 HP Electric Geared Drive

Even Mix™ Drum Mixer is the largest and most efficient mixing blade to enter a 2″ bung.  Use it on a closed head side or center 2″ bung.  You’ve never seen a 15″ mixing blade like this for a closed hear – we just invented it!  It’s a breakthrough in drum mixing.  It takes place of other agitators and mixers, is low weight, portable, and will give you the best mixing experience.  We have been doing this for years in IBC’s and have now brought it to 55 gallon drums.  Our Air Drive and Mixer weigh 13 pounds with the Mounting Bracket.  Orders are Shipped in 5 Days.  Call if you need it sooner or need additional information.  440-236-6677 x 1 – Ask for Phil

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Even Mix™ Drum Mixer – 1 HP Electric Geared Drive

The Even Mix™ Drum Mixer is a revolution to the drum market. Never before have you been able to insert into a closed head a mixing blade as large and capable of mixing your liquids. The Even Mix™ is the answer to your mixing challenges.

Power and Stability

We have a powerful geared drive motor available in air or electric enhanced with our gearbox that is built from engineered metals built to last with 2 big beefy bearings capable of taking heavy loads. Our bracket is easy to install and engineered to securely hold the drive and mixer steady. It won’t wobble.

Patented Mixing Blade

With all of that going for it, the real genius is in the mixing blade. It’s a folding twisted blade that expands to 15” in diameter when fully expanded. The Even Mix™ patented blade folds to fit into a 2” bung side or center opening. That’s right, a variable pitch blade (not a mixing paddle which doesn’t create much mixing or a straight pitch blade which creates cyclones that suck air into your liquid) but a patented Even Mix™ blade that goes from 90 degrees to 30 degrees and in several of our videos is proven to produce a superior mix – in a closed head drum.

3D Mixing Performance

Look at how the Even Mix™ moves liquid around the drum as it circulates material and liquid. This drum is filled with 1,000 centipoise liquid glycerin (about the consistency of paint) with some blue stars and sand, yes sand. You can even see how it picks up sand from the bottom of the drum and moves it around the container. We have really had a breakthrough with this mixer by engineering a way to get the blade into the drum. All wetted parts are made from Non-reactive food-grade stainless steel 316.


You can put it where?

How can you use it? In a closed head drum with a 2 inch bung to the side of a top lid (with the mounting bracket).  In a closed head with a 2-inch center bung on the top lid.  In an open head with a 1 1/2 inch or 2-inch center bung in the top lid.  All Yes! Just pick your drive – air or electric. Could you use this same mixer on an IBC – yes. Even Mix™ is modular so you can use it in the way that suits your needs.

Installation & Operation

The Even Mix™ blades insert easily through a 2-inch bung opening. They fold down to a compact shape that effortlessly fits into a closed head opening. Once they begin to turn the hydrodynamic forces open the blades and they go to work on your liquid. When you’re done mixing and stop the air or electric drive the blades will relax and fold back down ready to be moved to the next drum. It’s a simple design that is going to revolutionize how you mix drums. No more rolling the drum on the floor or a stand. No more inserting a bunch of small mixing blades in through the top lid. Get an Even Mix™ and get the job done right, quick, and easy.

Watch a demonstration of the Even Mix™ Drum Mixer at work on our YouTube channel.

We offer Even Mix™ blades for IBC Tote Mixers, 55 gallon drums, and 10 and 5 gallon pails.  Whatever your mixing need – we’ve got you covered (mixed, blended, whatever you prefer!)

Drum Mixer Bung Entry

Drum Mixer Bung Entry

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Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions48 × 8 × 8 in
Shaft Length

32 inches





Motor Enclosure

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

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