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Selecting the Right Mixer

When creating goods for the chemical, bakery, nutrition, or food industries, you will almost certainly need to combine a variety of liquid with liquid materials. Blending is the most significant step in most applications for increasing the product’s value. Some of them may constitute an allergy risk when working with a diverse variety of ingredients. You must take into account what you are mixing and why you are mixing it. But, it is also important that you look at how easy it is to change out and move the mixer. These are all things to take into consideration when you are looking at purchasing industrial mixers for your business.

The most crucial consideration is whether to manufacture in batches or continually. Certain blender types will be more suited to your application if you need to swap recipes regularly or manufacture the same product day after day. We offer a wide selection of mixer options with various tools that can change that blender into something that works for you.

Why Choose an EvenMix® Mixer

The EvenMix® Mixer is perfect as it is versatile but easy to move around due to its lightweight nature. The most common issue is figuring out what is best and providing the power it will need. This could be either electric or pneumatic. When using a mixer, it is up to the customer to decide what type of mixer is best for their application. While EvenMix® is great for applications in batches or continuous, it is also the ideal choice for those looking for an even mix. Our patented mixers are made to assist with industrial mixing in a variety of container types as well.

The type of container is also a critical consideration. For example, you can have a 55-gallon drum that your materials are mixed in. These drums are very common and very easy to work with. They can be easily moved around and stored, but some mixers struggle to give a good even mix within the container. However, with our patented blade design, you have nothing to worry about.

While a drum is a widespread way to mix products, different ways to access the drum should be considered. Some drum tops will come completely off, leaving a big open area to work with, while others only have a 2” hole on the top. Some mixer companies struggle with offering different types of mixers for the different types of drums, but not us. Even mix offers a wide selection of accessories and mounting options to help our customers get a mixer that will meet their exact specifications.

Selecting the Right Mixer

Do you need to combine many products?

Suppose you simply need to manufacture one recipe in a big volume with no regular changes. In that case, you should process continuously with a fixed mixer tied to the upstream and downstream processes. However, as more businesses discover that consumers want recipe variety, modifications must be performed swiftly and efficiently. If you find that you need to change recipes and use different ingredients frequently, batch processing is the best way to go. In both situations, EvenMix® mixers are perfect for your applications.

The Size of the Batch Being Manufactured

If your customers always demand the same order sizes, a fixed mixer may be sufficient until different batch sizes are necessary. Because the mixing is done in the Intermediate Bulk Container when using an EvenMix® Mixer, you will be able to blend a variety of batch sizes in one blender (IBC). This allows you to select the appropriate container size while minimizing downtime.

Selecting the Right Mixer

Mixing in an IBC

If you are looking at blending inside an IBC, you will need a 32” shaft, which will work with a 330 or 275-gallon IBC without any issues. Our mixers are designed to mix inside the IBCs and allow a nice even mix each and every time, after all, even mix is in our name.

If the viscosity has under 4000 centipoises, you can do this with just one set of blades. However, if you are mixing a mix that has a higher viscosity, you’ll need two sets of blades. These blades will have to be set 13-15 inches apart, allowing them to work together to provide you with an even mix by circulating inside the container. You can select an IBC bridge if you want to add various additives during mixing or watch the mixing going on inside the container. To take your mixer options one step further, we also offer a clamp that will clamp the mixer onto the side of the container. This will allow the mixer to mix at a 15-35 degree angle.

Selecting the Right Mixer

Mixing in Large Containers

For larger containers that are IBC up to 10,000 gallons, you might want to consider one of the larger options with a longer shaft. We offer a 72-inch shaft for this sort of situation that works three blades at once, giving you an even mix right inside your container. This method will work with 2000 centipoise or fewer materials using this type of setup.

With an EvenMix®er, as you can see, you have many options that work with what containers you have on hand. With our endless possibilities of accessories, we can design a mixer that will work with your current situation. We even offer bendable blades so that they can fit inside those 2” holes with no issues. When it comes to mixing, EvenMix® has thought of everything to make it easy and consistent. If you are looking for a way to improve your mixing and aren’t quite sure if it is possible, give us a call. We have come up with customized solutions for all sorts of different operations that allow our clients to enjoy the benefits of having an even mix every time.

Selecting the right mixer for your application has never been easier. Speak with one of our customer representatives about your application, and we’ll see what we can come up with. Our mixers come in various designs with various tools to meet the needs of our clients. We take mixing seriously at EvenMix®. Call 440-236-6677 today!