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EvenMix® Tank Mixer Features

Tank Mixers on the market today have been designed to agitate mixtures in containers of different shapes and sizes. However, many of these tanks are difficult to work with due to heavy weight, low efficiency, and several other factors. Here at EvenMix®, we have worked hard to perfect the technology behind our Tank Mixers in order to provide our customers with the best mixing experience possible.  

Our Poly Tank Geared Mixers provide a superior mix using our patented 3D mixing blades. The variable pitch of these blades is unlike any other. The mixture is pumped in circular motions with ease throughout the container, creating a completely even mix. We have tested several different materials in our mixers of various viscosities. Our advanced systems allow you to mix substances up to 2,000 cps. Solids are kept in suspensions in the tanks while more viscous materials are mixed thoroughly throughout. 

Our tank mixers come in a number of sizes, all depending on how much you’d like to mix at a time. The standard 5,000-gallon tank mixer has a 72” long shaft with 4” tall variable pitch mixing blades. Our tough blades open to 16” in diameter once the mixing process begins. You can see how the blades mix materials in a 3D motion in many of our informational videos.

Standing Out from The Rest

Tank Mixers are typically heavy and bulky, which can require multiple employees to provide manpower or even forklifts. This seems to be one of the major difficulties faced by users, regardless of the size of the tank and drive. All EvenMix® mixing systems are designed to be lightweight and portable, with our air drives weighing only 9 pounds and our electric drives weighing only 12 pounds.  

After talking to many of our customers about their past experiences with other mixing companies, it seems that many mixers are not durable and/or long-lasting. We have developed a strong DC brushless motor that ensures long-lasting mixing. You won’t need to worry about wear and tear on the motor as you continue to produce your mixtures. Our new Digital Drives are water and dust resistant, allowing you to mix in some of the toughest manufacturing conditions. 

Mix With Ease Using EvenMix®

No other mixer works quite like the EvenMix® Tank Mixer. The digital speed control ranging from 40 to 150 RPM gives the user complete control over the mixture, making it simple to use. While it is lightweight, it is mighty in power and creates the most even mix possible. We ensure that each of our customers is satisfied with their mixer and continue to work with them beyond their initial purchase. Check out our redesigned website to see more, and feel free to reach out to our amazing support team.