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No matter what drum mixers are mixing — whether it is paint, a chemical, or something more delicious like a food product — all industries can agree that protecting the components being mixed is of the utmost importance. But if you aren’t taking advantage of the state-of-the-art mixing accessories on the market, then you could be risking your products for contamination during both shipping and mixing. Enter the EvenMix® Clean Top Accessory to solve any worries you may have.

Our EvenMix® Single Blade Drum Mixers and Double Blade Drum Mixers were pioneers when we first introduced them to the drum mixer industry. And as we continue to grow as an organization, we continue to bring more technological advances and developments to the trade. Which is exactly what we’ve done with this new mixing accessory we’ve constructed.

So what exactly does our Clean Top Accessory do?

To put it simply, it protects whatever the components of your drum or barrel may be — paint, drywall mud, or a food product, etc. — from contamination. We know, we know; that clearly isn’t enough information to tell you what the Clean Top does. Meant for in-drum mixers, the Clean Top is made of nylon, which makes it not react to paint or other chemicals. Plus, this accessory includes a cup designed to catch debris generated from contact between the shaft and motor socket. A rather ingenious mixing accessory, EvenMix® has a patent pending on the Clean Top. Can’t get enough about our Clean Top Accessory? Click here for more info.

What makes this specific mixing accessory beneficial to your drum or barrel more so than other mixing accessories? Along with it being made from nylon so it won’t react to any components of a drum mixer, the Clean Top can protect any size drum or barrel from contamination. That includes contamination during both the shipping process and during the mixing process (but, you won’t need protection from contamination during mixing when you utilize one of the EvenMix® mixing blades in your drum or barrel). Another added benefit of this accessory is that it works well with all other EvenMix® products, but we’re not ones to brag.

No matter the size of the drum and no matter what you’re mixing, there is no longer a reason to stress about contaminating its contents with EvenMix® around. While some organizations may just look at in-drum mixers and mixing accessories as unexciting pieces of equipment needed for their lines of work, we look at them as pieces that can be developed to help you evenly mix whatever may be on the inside — all while providing you with progressive technology and tools to do so.

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