Planetary Gear Set

What are Planetary Gear Sets

Planetary Gear Sets The Even Mix™ tote and drum mixer is powered with either electricity or air. It has a powerful motor that is designed to mix containers evenly and thoroughly with it’s patented design. An important part of their air and electric drive design are planetary gear sets. Planetary gears are gears that rotate Read more about What are Planetary Gear Sets[…]

Our Mixers

What Can You Possibly Mix With Our Mixers?

Mix With Our Mixers The short, non-complicated answer to the question is – practically anything. Even Mix™ mixers: IBC Tote Mixers, Pail Mixers, and Drum Mixers are designed to mix a number of different materials smoothly and evenly, which saves you both time and money. IBC Tote Mixers Our IBC Tote Mixers are designed for heavy Read more about What Can You Possibly Mix With Our Mixers?[…]