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Mixing in Large Tanks

One of the most significant challenges for regular or traditional mixers is mixing in large tanks. Large tanks or large diameter tanks by their very definition range from 500 gallons on the low end to 5000 gallons on the high end. Most industrial mixers aren’t able to generate enough circulation to mix the liquid efficiently. Creating significant circulation often means using larger blades, and that leads to a heftier mixer even then the results depending on the situation could be subpar. The most common issue with traditional mixers is the collection of residue on the bottom. 

The challenge is further compounded when the mixing system needs to deal with a high viscosity liquid. While mixing tank size matters, the liquid in them isn’t just water which would conceivably be easier to mix. However, many tank agitators use numerous solutions to tackle the problem, but they almost always involve heavy equipment that needs either multiple people or a forklift to handle. Plus, they tend to consume a lot more energy. 

At EvenMix® we have found the solution to mixing any liquid regardless of viscosity in large stainless-steel mixing tanks or even water storage tanks for that matter. Our technology stands out from competing industrial mixers. The key component here is how these new mixers are designed, which gives them a significant advantage over often competing traditional mixers. 



How Do These Large Mixing Tank Agitators Work?

EvenMix® has taken a more straightforward and comparatively simple approach with our expanded mixers that can easily stir up a large 5000-gallon tank of liquid. Both our air drives and electric drives are capable of mixing in these large containers which keep energy consumption at a minimum. The significant difference as compared to our highly successful tote mixers is that these mixers or agitators use 7-foot shafts and are equipped with three pairs of blades. 

The three blades coupled with the long shaft ensures that the mixer can reach near the bottom of any large mixing tank. Plus it is capable of generating an effective pumping action for a thorough mix. A video demonstrating the agitator in action can be found here. The video shows the tank agitator mixing a 1300-gallon water storage tank filled with powder and water for 15 minutes. The result shows an evenly mixed powder, in other words, the perfect slurry without any of it sticking to the sides or bottom of the tank. 

Patented Variable Mixing Blade Technology 

As mentioned earlier, one of the challenges that need to be overcome is that the fluid dynamics of each type of liquid or mixture varies. Traditional mixers aren’t capable of being powerful enough to often ensure the type of mixing needed for many different applications. That’s why we use our patented variable mixing blades which are designed to generate circulation ensuring an even mix across the entirety of the tank making it a tank mixing system that does not rely on power and size alone. 

Our patented blades have been used successfully in mixing large IBCs and across numerous liquids from hand sanitizers to glue. We took what was learned from using the blades to mix those liquids and applied it to designing a mixer that would be effective in a large tank. The result is mixers that are very well suited for mixing in containers upwards of 500 gallons, of low viscosity liquids, which is generally the consistency of paint or a little less. The mixer can also be used to keep a large container of liquid agitated. 

A Lightweight Tank Mixing System

Lightweight Tank Mixing System
Lightweight Tank Mixing System

There is a reason why large tank agitators are huge, with some weighing several dozen pounds these industrial mixers may not be practical for all applications. However, the more features a mixer has, the heavier it can get. Fortunately, we’ve been able to keep the heft down to a minimum. Unlike our competition, EvenMix® has an air drive that weighs just 7 pounds and a 10-pound electric drive. A single person can easily mount the drives on top of a large tank. Plus, they don’t dent or aren’t cumbersome to handle. 

Also, unlike the competition, you don’t need to deal with large and heavy AC motor-driven industrial mixers that often require a significantly large bracket. Mixer can be easily mounted directly on top of the tank, making our tank mixing systems easy for everyone to use. 

Get the EvenMix® Advantage 

The EvenMix® makes mixing in large tanks quick and simple. It is designed to make mixing liquids in enormous tanks possible. The patented three pairs of mixing blades make short work of any solution in the shortest time and with the least amount of effort. Plus similar to our drum and tote mixer, it mixes without adding a lot of air or with the undesired whipping action. The purpose of the mixer is to ensure that it mixes effectively regardless of what type of liquid, and solid need to be combined. 

The mixer ensures that all materials are evenly mixed, with the corners and edges fully covered. Furthermore, our mixer can handle a myriad of materials with various viscosities. All that’s required is for it to be mounted correctly, which too does not require more than one person! 

All queries, concerns, and inquiries are promptly handled by our trained customer service professionals. The same goes for replacement shafts, blades, and other parts which are readily available for varying mixing applications ensuring the least downtime for your business.