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Stainless steel totes are some of the most common types in a myriad of industries. However, they are most common in the food and beverage industry, where they are used to make everything from cheese to curd and wine. In many ways, the widespread use of steel totes has over the past 50 years replaced other types of metal and wooden totes. 

Perhaps the biggest selling point for a stainless-steel IBC is the fact that it is noncorrosive. Made usually from 300 series stainless, they can withstand just about any amount of vigorous mixing. Plus, stainless stress in general, including the 316, is considered the gold standard for food-grade stainless steel, does not react with various natural chemicals like citric acid. It also does not contribute unnecessarily to various processes, making it highly suitable in various industries.

EvenMix® Mixing in Stainless Steel Totes

Types of Stainless Steel IBC Totes and Product

Stainless steel construction mixing tanks and IBC totes are a huge part of most industrial processes today. However, there are various types of IBC totes and mixing tanks. Each bulk container or product is meant for a particular type of use case, which makes choosing the right one important.

The 316 Stainless Steel Tanks

Steel tanks are a big part of many industries, and strength is certainly a major part of it. The 316, Tank, is arguably the best for most industrial purposes. The tank is built to be resilient against all known chemicals with excellent anti-corrosive properties.

These units’ safety can be further reinforced if needed using a welding process, which can help maintain the unit’s creep strength for years. It is the perfect container to heat oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and various other industrial chemicals and mixes them. 

Perhaps the best feature of these 316 storage tanks and totes is that they are designed for industrial use, thanks to their anti-corrosive properties. They can be used in highly saline environments like across coastal regions and outdoor areas where de-icing salts are very common. Furthermore, these totes are available in various diameter, dimensions, shapes, and sizes.


The 304 Stainless Steel Tanks

The 304 tanks are highly popular across the world. Manufactured primarily from nickel mixed with chromium, it is designed mainly to store hazardous, often organic chemicals for industrial use. 304 steel is popular because it is resistant to corrosion and is easily ready for transportation when needed. Interestingly 304 stainless steel storage tanks have very similar properties to 316 steel, which to is impervious to a chemical reaction. Though the difference with 304 is that the storage tanks are far less electronically and thermally conductive while being non-magnetic.

Carbon Steel Tote Tanks

While stainless steel totes are highly popular as we speak, carbon steel storage tanks are worth mentioning here too. At the same time, they aren’t as popular but cost less and are excellent for storing chemicals. The tanks don’t have a shiny finish which is what continues to fuel their popularity. 

Carbon steel totes and IBCs are excellent for noncorrosive environments. They can easily store combustible liquids, making them ideal for industries like oil and gas, aviation, and the manufacture of dyes, amongst other products.  

Nickel Alloy Steel IBCs

Nickel alloy steel storage tanks are great for chemical storage, are extremely corrosion resistant, and comparatively lightweight, making them easy to transport. The high performance and strength of these containers mean that they meet all industrial requirements when it comes to storing chemicals safely. 



How Do Tote Mixers Play a Part? 

Almost every tank will at some point be used to mix chemicals, various ingredients, etc. In fact, mixing is the most fundamental of the industrial process. Regular SS tote mixers mainly leave it to customers to choose their own mixing equipment, and that’s what makes the process so complex. Usually, the tote mixers require multiple people to handle, especially for mixing in large tanks. Then there is also the fact that how do you handle mixing in a tank which does not easily accommodate every size mixer?

EvenMix® solves just about every problem mentioned above, answers all questions, and more. It is available with various flexible attachments, i.e., Tri-Clamp fitting, drum lid, flange fittings, and NPT fittings. That means regardless of the stainless steel tank you have, i.e., its size, shape, and weight, mounting the mixer is easier. Furthermore, EvenMix® does an excellent job of delivering a consistent mix across all materials and applications regardless of their type. That’s why it is the ideal tote or IBC mixer regardless of industry type and its requirements.