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Using a Drum as a Mixing Vessel

Using a drum as a mixing vessel to mix your material just makes sense. If you have purchased a liquid or semi-solid material and need it mixed, mixing it right in the vessel will save time from transferring it and money.  However, this can be a bit tricky, especially with closed head drums. These are drums that are used for shipping materials such as fragrances, beverages, and other things that have a low viscosity. These drums come with a sealed top and only a 2″ opening for us to get something inside for mixing.  

Often times the mixers will introduce air or shear the material inside. This is not desirable. And, many times, people are looking to mix two more materials within a barrel or IBC as well. Customized mixing machines can be very costly, but drums and IBCs are not. In fact, they are in abundance if the original materials are shipped in them. However, the mixers on the market today do not effectively mix within drums or IBC’s well. Many times they introduce air and shear the product. Yet, we have a solution that is both affordable and does a great job. The EvenMix® mixer is fantastic in that it mixes evenly within the drum or IBC. It is made with a powerful geared motor that can power through even the most robust materials. The foldable blades allow it to fit into tight spots, even tight heads.

How Do You Effectively Mix Two Liquids?Mixing Liquids in a Drum

When using conventional mixers, it is common that the materials will get sheared during mixing. Many times the blades are very small, and high speed is applied even to make them effective. The alternative was using an air mixer, which will introduce air into the system and essentially whip things up. This can cause undesirable bubbles and air pockets. However, the blades of the Easy Mix Drum Mixer are 15″ wide for our drum mixer. They fold up and will even fit through the 2” opening of a tighthead drum. This allows you to get a very even mix. This mixer doesn’t introduce air and will not sheer your material. As the blades will mix in literally all directions using the sides of the container to help.  

How to Use a Drum as a Mixing Vessel

The Easy Mix patented blades are designed not to create a vortex that will introduce air. They are foldable so that they can fit into a smaller opening than the container and are wide to allow proper flow over and around them. We designed and engineered our blades to work with the walls of the container to get a nice even flow without shearing the material. Each drum mixer is made with metal gears that allow for a longer lifespan. Everything in the gearbox was carefully Engineered to allow for things to be lightweight yet effective. We are sure you will be impressed with the weight of this little mixer. It can be easily changed out by one person without any crazy equipment. It is also under the weight OSHA allows.