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Seizing Opportunities

Seizing Opportunities | Phil Rankin

EvenMix®Founder & CEO, Phil Rankin is a guest on the Podcast – CEO Confidential. When the pandemic hit, the world went into disarray. Phil Rankin,

Horsepower vs Torque

Horsepower vs Torque

While the terms horsepower and torque are used extensively in the automotive industry, both terms have nothing to do with cars or trucks. In fact,

EvenMix® AC DC

AC vs. DC Current

Many people reading this may already be aware that the power supplied through the mains line is AC, an abbreviation for Alternating Current. However, solar

EvenMix® Mixing in Stainless Steel Totes

Mixing in Stainless Steel Totes

Stainless steel totes are some of the most common types in a myriad of industries. However, they are most common in the food and beverage